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Members Most Asked Questions


When I perform a transaction on my account(s), why does it sometimes show up as being completed on the following day?

If you perform a transaction while we are performing our end of day processing, you will notice a later day reflected under your account(s) transactions.


Why is there a difference between my total balance and my available balance?

If there is a difference shown between your total balance and available balance, you have transactions that are pending. The cause of pending transactions can be if you have used your MHV Visa Debit Card as a signature based transaction, instead of a PIN based transaction or if you have a check that is pending clearing. Please use the available balance as a reference for what remains in your account(s).


I just made a purchase, fund transfer, etc. Why isn't it reflected in my account balance(s) immediately?

Transactional data refreshes every 10 minutes or less in Home Banking, so if you have a very recent transaction you should wait at most 10 minutes to see an accurate available balance.


How do I transfer money to another account that isn't owned by me?

If there is an account that you would like to make a transfer to, please contact us and we can add it onto your Home Banking.


Why do I have to go through enhanced security every time I log in even though I selected that this is a private computer?

If you have set your internet security options to erase your browsing history then the Home Banking website will read your computer as public and prompt you for additional security measures. Click here to download instructions on how to optimize your browser settings.


Why does it look like the mobile and home phone numbers on the Enhanced Login Security page are not mine when logging in for the first time?

Until you setup your contact information to receive one-time access codes, example faux numbers and faux email are displayed as an additional security measure should someone try to create an account under your name. The text message to your mobile phone, call to your home phone or email is not actually being sent.



General Questions


Do I need extra software or hardware to use Internet Home Banking?
No extra software is needed.  You can access Internet Home Banking from any computer that has Internet access my visiting our website www.mhvfcu.com.  Browsers must have Cookies and Java turned on.


When can I use Internet Home Banking?
Internet Home Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How do I enroll for Internet Home Banking?
To enroll for Internet Home Banking, visit our website www.mhvfcu.com and click “Sign up for Internet Home Banking”.


How long after I apply for Internet Home Banking can I start using it?
Approval is granted within 1-2 business days.


Can I access all of my accounts on Internet Home Banking with one sign on?
Yes.  All of the accounts that you are the primary, joint or signer on will all appear when you sign in.


Can I export my account information?
Yes.  Our Internet Home Banking allows you to export your account information into one of the following file formats - QFX (Quicken Financial Exchange) or CSV Comma-Separated Variables. 





How secure is Internet Home Banking?
Security is in place at every level of an Internet Home Banking transaction.  The following features are in place - 

  • User ID and Password (PIN) Protection - To access Internet Home Banking, you are required to enter a User ID and Password.  Without these, access to the Internet Banking is denied.

  • Auto Timeout Screen Blanking - After 10 minutes of non-activity the auto timeout feature will automatically log you out of the product.  This feature in Internet Home Banking warns you 30 seconds prior to a pending timeout. If you do not acknowledge the message (by pressing Continue), the Internet Home Banking session is halted and you are presented once again with the log on screen.

  • Sign-off Button – (Recommended Method of Ending a Session) The Sign-Off Button properly ends the Internet Home Banking session by deleting the session cookie that is created upon you logging in to Internet Banking.

  • Failed Log-on Attempts - The Internet Home Banking system denies access after a pre-determined number of failed log-on attempts.  If you have been locked out due to this situation, you must contact the Credit Union at 1-800-451-8373  or ContactUs@mhvfcu.com in order to be reset.

  • Encryption - Data encryption is a way of translating data into a form that is unintelligible without a deciphering mechanism.  Encryption helps to protect against proprietary information getting into unauthorized hands.  For example, the password that is entered during the registration process is encrypted.  For Internet Home Banking, your browser must have at least 128-bit encryption.

Should I take special precautions to ensure security on my computer?
You should never save your password on your computer and should always use the sign-off button at the end of your session.


Is there a limit to how long I can access Internet Home Banking in a given session?  Is there a way to change this?   
After 10 minutes of non-activity, the auto timeout feature will automatically log you out of Internet Home Banking.  You will be warned 30 seconds prior to the timeout. If you do not acknowledge the warning message (by pressing Continue), the Internet Home Banking session is halted and you are presented once again with the log-on screen. 



Enhanced Login Security


What is Enhanced Login Security?
Enhanced Login is an online security feature that provides an additional layer of protection from fraud and identity theft by preventing unauthorized access to your secure financial information. It uses technology to verify your identity.
Why do I need to use Enhanced Login Security?
Enhanced Login Security will allow us to recognize you as the true owner of your account by recognizing not only your login information but also your computer. If we don't recognize your computer, we will request additional information that is known by only you to ensure authorized access to Internet Home Banking.


Why am I being asked to enter a one-time passcode on a 'remembered' device?

If you have selected for Home Banking to remember your computer/mobile device, you should not be challenged and should be able to get into Home Banking from the same device the next time you log on by just entering your valid log on ID and password.

If you are being prompted for an access code the next time you log on, here are some reasons that you may be challenged again:

• Your cookies are being deleted intentionally or unintentionally (check computer settings)
• Your cache/temporary internet files are being cleared intentionally or unintentionally (check computer settings)
• You are accessing Home Banking from a different location (ip address) than usual
• You are using a different browser and/or different version of the same browser (recently upgraded)
• You are clicking the 'login' button twice

How do I change or delete a phone number or email address used to receive one-time passcodes?

Log on to Home Banking and click the My Profile link. Go to Security contacts and click Update.



User ID


What restrictions apply to Logon ID’s?
The User ID needs to be at least 8 characters with a maximum of 30 characters.


I forgot my Logon, how do I retrieve it?
You will need to contact the Credit Union at 1-800-451-8373 for assistance.


How do I change my Logon ID for Internet Home Banking

Log on to Home Banking and click the My Profile link. Go to Username and click Change


I forgot my password, how do I find out what it is?
We can not tell you what your password was, but you can setup a new one.  To enter a new password:

1. Go to Login screen
2. Click I Forgot my Password
3. Enter your Logon ID and click continue
4. Next, you will need to be verified. To be verified, you have the option of receiving a text message, or automated phone call.
5. Once verified, you will be provided with a new temporary password..


What restrictions apply to passwords?

  • must be between 7 and 30 characters

  • must be at least 1 letter

  • must be at least 1 number

  • must have at least 1 special character (a special character is anyone of the following: ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ + - = ( ) [ ] { } | : ; ` , . / ?)

  • cannot contain leading or trailing blanks


How do I change my password for Internet Home Banking?
Log on to Home Banking and click the My Profile link. Go to Password and click Change.



Accounts & Account History

Are there any accounts that are not available through Internet Home Banking?
Yes. Dormant accounts, inactive accounts, and frozen accounts.


How current are my balances and transactions on Internet Home Banking?
Balance and transaction information is presented in real time, meaning the balances on your accounts are updated when transactions post to your account.


How much transaction history is available for my accounts on Internet Home Banking?
12 months of history will be available.


How do I view my MHV credit card transaction history on Internet Home Banking?
You can view your MHV credit card transactions by going to the Online Services tab and clicking Enter under the section titled – ePSCU – Mid Hudson Valley FCU's Credit Card partner. A pop-up will appear that allow you to view your current transactions and statements.




Is there a limit to the number of transactions that I can perform on Internet Home Banking during a month?
There are no limitations specific to Internet Home Banking. However, savings and money market accounts are subject to Regulation D. This Federal Regulation limits the number of transfers or withdrawals that can be made to six per month when requesting them by phone, through Internet Banking, via ACH or by overdraft protection from savings.

Is there a limit on the dollar amount that I can transfer on Internet Home Banking?
The limit is the balance of the account that you are taking the funds from plus any no-bounce and/or overdraft options that you may have.


How do I make a payment to my MHV credit card on Internet Home Banking?
A payment can be made by simply transferring funds from one of your MHV accounts to your MHV credit card. This transaction can be made on the Account Access tab, by clicking Account Transfer, entering a dollar amount, selecting a FROM account and selecting your MHV credit card in the TO account drop down.