MHV Wishes You a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

Whether you are doing your holiday shopping at the mall or online MHV has great tips to help you protect your accounts and identity.

  • Be aware- MHV would never call you and ask you for your account information and social security number. If you receive this phone call just hang up and call our number at 800.451.8373 and let us know. Even if the caller tries to intimidate you or becomes angry hang up right away.

  • Before giving out your credit card information over the phone makes sure you initiated the phone call and not the receiver.

  • A shredder is a great investment to help protect your identity. Shred any credit card solicitations, monthly statements and anything that might contain your account or social security numbers.

  • Review your banking and credit card statements to make sure all activity was generated by you and in the correct amounts. If there are any discrepancies or unknown charges contact your financial institution or credit card company to report it.

  • Sign up for e-Statements to make sure your paper statements don’t get lost in the mail or stolen. MHV offers e-Statements with easy online enrollment. Click here for more information.

  • Don’t use easy to guess PIN numbers for your ATM or debit cards such as birthdays, last four digits of social security number, family names or important life event dates like anniversaries

  • Sign up for electronic bill payer to eliminate the chance of your payments being stolen. MHV offers Bill Payer free of charge. Members can sign up directly through Home Banking.

  • Enroll in a credit monitoring service that provides you with automated alerts when there is possibility of suspicious activity. MHV offers Credit Monitoring Service and Reports from all 3-bureaus as part of the Perks Package for a super low rate or free with MHV Checking Accounts. Not only does the Perks Package help prevent ID Theft, it also includes Identity Theft Resolutions Services and up to $10,000 of fraud expense reimbursement should you fall victim. Click here for more information.

Finally as a rule of thumb: If you receive an offer that’s too good to be true; chances are it is!


If you think you have fallen victim to ID Theft please contact us immediately at 800.451.8373, ext.6000.



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