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MHV Introduces Voice Biometrics

Aug 05, 2021

Your experience with MHV’s Contact Center just got easier. We’re one of the first local financial institutions to introduce voice biometrics – eliminating the need for lengthy security questions every time you call. 

Voice biometrics uses the sound of your voice to confirm your identity. Just like your fingerprints, your voice pattern is unique to you. By listening to your voice – and matching it to the recording we have on file – the system is able to verify you. When you’re connected with a Member Service Representative, they are ready to assist you…without taking you through a series of security questions.

Getting setup with voice biometrics is fast and easy. When you call, you can opt into the enrollment. You will be asked to record two statements several times each. The first statement is the primary statement. This is what you’ll be asked to repeat each time you call as verification. The second statement is a backup. The system will default to this statement should it be unable to match your voice the first time.

Once you have completed the recordings, you can test your enrollment to be sure the recordings will validate you. Going forward, you can bypass the security questions and use the voice recognition system. This allows the Member Service Representatives to have your information pre-populated on their screen – expediting your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is voice biometrics?

Voice biometrics is a system that uses the sound of your voice to confirm your identity. Much like some phones use your thumbprint or face to verify you, voice biometrics uses your voice.

Q: Is it secure?

The system is very secure. While someone may be able to discover your security questions and answers, or other personally identifiable information, it is extremely difficult for fraudsters to imitate your voice exactly.

Q: What happens if I call and it doesn’t recognize my voice?

If the system doesn’t recognize you, don’t worry. The Member Service Representative can still use the security questions to verify your identity.

Q: What happens if I call from a different number?

The voice biometrics system connects your voice to the number you call from. If you contact us from a different number, the system will not be able to identify you using your voice. The Member Service Representative will simply use the security questions to verify you.

Q: Can I opt out?

While you can opt out, we strongly encourage enrollment. Voice biometrics is not only more secure but speeds up your call.