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America Saves Week

OK, I want to Save Money but I Don’t Know Where to Start

Automatic transfers, complex savings plans, round-ups, microsaving. Does starting and building a Savings Account have to be so complicated? Nope. During America Saves Week, you can focus on just one facet of saving each day.

By the end of the week, you’ll have confidence in your ability to save like you never have before.

Day One, April 8: Save Automatically

It doesn’t get any easier than automating deposits into your Savings Account. Find out just how easy on day one. Here’s how to set up automatic transfers in online banking.

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Day Two, April 9: Save for the Unexpected

We’ve sure learned how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected. Day two is dedicated to helping you prepare for emergencies. The best bet? Prepare to be financially resilient…even if times feel hard. Grab this free guide to get started.

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Day Three, April 10: Save for Major Milestones

You know there are money milestones on the horizon. Are you using the best savings options to meet those milestones head on? Take a look at different savings tools and what kind of goals they best align with.

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Day Four, April 11: Paying Down Debt is Saving

Paying down debt is a great way to save money! It means you’re paying less on interest and potentially boosting your credit score. On day four, focus on how you can reduce debt as part of your savings plan. Jump in by getting a clear understanding of how a tool like debt consolidation loans can kickstart your debt paydown journey.

I Want to Know the Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Day Five, April 12: Saving At Any Age  

Imagine how much easier money would be for everyone if we talk about it intentionally. The truth is, you’re never too young or too old to start talking about money – and learn ways to save smartly. But talking about money is hard. Find out why, and how to overcome that, in this article.

Why Talking About Money is Hard

In Just 12 Months, Your Savings Account Could be 4-5 Digits

It’s entirely possible for you to have a Savings Account you can count on within 12 months. Use America Saves Week as your launching pad to get there.

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  1. 1

    Open Your Savings Account

    Get started with an Emergency Savings, Holiday Savings, Vacation Savings…whatever you need money for Savings!
  2. 2

    Set Up or Increase Automatic Transfers

    Build your balance without even thinking about. Get going with automatic transfers. Or up the amount you’re already doing to get to your goal faster.
  3. 3

    Use the America Saves Week Resources

    You’re not in this alone. The resources on this page are here to help you figure out what to do with your money to make saving second nature