This is Where You Need to Start 2021

Your Savings Account misses you. You’re not giving it enough attention, and when you need it? It’s not going to be there for you. That emergency car repair, the sudden trip to the ER. Even the piece of equipment you didn’t know you need to finish the project. When you ask your Savings Account to cover you, it’s going to come up empty.

February is when you’re going to change that.

This month is all about America Saves Week – a 5-day period dedicated to helping you start and build your Savings. All month, you’ll have access to the information and resources you need to start building a Savings Account that you can be proud of – and that will have your back when you need it. And we’re here to guide you on your way. You have access to webinars, videos, podcast episodes, articles and an eBook to get you started and keep you going.

Win $250 to Boost Your Savings

Get a jump start on building that balance. To celebrate America Saves Week – and your savings journey – we’re giving $250 to 2 lucky winners for stepping up their savings game. Enter to win by:

  Opening a new Savings Account and setting up automatic internal transfers, or

  Establishing or increasing automatic internal transfers on your existing Savings Account in Online Banking.

Entries are accepted the entire month of February – and we keep track of your entry for you so there’s no forms to fill out. That’s 28 full days to get yourself in on the chance to win AND finally start building that Savings Account. Check the
official rules here.

OK, I want to Save Money but I Don’t Know Where to Start

Automatic transfers, complex savings plans, round-ups, microsaving. Does starting and building a Savings Account have to be so complicated? Nope. During America Saves Week, you’ll learn a simple savings approach each day – no jargon and no overwhelming strategies. Choose a half-hour webinar at 7:00 PM each evening or a quick-hit video on social media each day.

By the end of the week, you’ll have confidence in your ability to save like you never have before.


Photo of February 22 @ 7pm

Save Automatically

February 22 @ 7pm

It doesn’t get any easier than automating deposits into your Savings Account. Find out just how easy it is on day one.

Photo of February 23 @ 7pm

Save for the Unexpected

February 23 @ 7pm

2020 wasn’t all a wash – we sure learned how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected. Day two is dedicated to helping you prepare for emergencies.

Photo of February 24 @ 7pm

Save for Retirement

February 24 @ 7pm

Ever feel like you’re going to have to work forever? Use day three to get focused on how important it is to understand your retirement goals and build a plan to meet them.

Photo of February 25 @ 7pm

Save by
Reducing Debt

February 25 @ 7pm

Paying down debt is a great way to save money! It means you’re paying less on interest and potentially boosting your credit score. Day four walks you through debt reduction as part of your savings plan.

Photo of February 26 @ 7pm

as a Family 

February 26 @ 7pm

Imagine how much easier money would be for everyone if we talk about it intentionally with kids. In day five, pick up tips for positively influencing money concepts and spending habits in children and teens.

 In Just 12 Months, Your Savings Account Could be 4-5 Digits

It’s entirely possible for you to have a Savings Account you can count on within 12 months.
Use America Saves Week as your launching pad to get there.

$90/month = $1,080 in one year
$100/month = $1,200 in one year
$120/month = $1,440 in one year


Open Your Savings Account

Get started with an Emergency Savings, Holiday Savings, Vacation Savings…whatever you need money for Savings!


Set up or Increase Automatic Internal Transfers

Build your balance without even thinking about. Get going with automatic internal transfers. Or up the amount you’re already doing to get to your goal faster.


Use the America Saves Week Resources

You’re not in this alone. The resources on this page are here to help you figure out what to do with your money to make saving second nature.

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