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Credit Cards

It's the no-nonsense credit card
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From Building Credit to Earning Rewards,
Choose The Card that's Right For You

  • Credit card

    I Want a Card with a Lower Rate

    The MHV Visa® Platinum Card:

    blue check mark No annual fee
    blur check mark No balance transfer fee
    blue check mark Lower rate than the Signature card
  • Credit card

    I Want Rewards with No Annual Fee

    The MHV Visa® Signature Rewards Card:
    blue check mark 1 point for every $1 spent
    blue check mark 2x the points on purchases up to $5,000 within the first 90 days
    blue check mark Bonus points when shopping in the online CURewards Mall
    Learn More about Rewards
  • Credit card

    I Need to Build or Rebuild My Credit

    The MHV Visa® Secured Platinum Card:

    blue check mark Secured by funds in your savings account
    blue check mark Minimal approval requirements
    blue check mark Can be transferred to a traditional unsecured credit card

Compare our Visa Credit Card Options

Visa® Platinum

Ideal for those looking for a card with a low interest rate

1.99%* Introductory APR for 12 Months

13.00 to 18.00%* Thereafter

Visa® Signature Rewards

Ideal for those looking to earn rewards for their spending

0.00%* Introductory APR on Purchases for 6 Months

14.00 to 18.00%* Thereafter

Secured Visa® Platinum

When you need to build or rebuild your credit

1.99%* Introductory APR for 12 months

13.00 to 18.00%* Thereafter


  • Money bag with coins

    Credit Lines Up to $20,000

    The spending power you need when you need it.
  • Low Interest Rates

    Low Interest Rates

    Because it shouldn’t take forever to pay down your balance.
  • No Annual Fee

    No Annual Fee

    Why should you pay to have our card?
  • No Balance Transfer Fee

    No Balance Transfer Fee

    Get out of those higher-rate cards and get extra cash in your wallet.


  • Fraud alerts & monitoring

    Fraud Alerts & Monitoring

    You’ll be automatically notified if fraudulent activity is detected on your account. 
  • Mobile wallets

    Mobile Wallets

    Add your MHV Visa Credit Card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Microsoft Wallet to shop with ease and security.
  • Visas zero liability policy

    Visa's Zero Liability Policy

    This policy protects you against fraud and ensures you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized use of your card.

  • Contactless Card

    Contactless Card

    Your card can be used for contactless payment. It’s also equipped with a chip for secure payment processing.
  • EMV Chip Technology

    EMV Chip Technology

    An embedded chip encrypts your account data making it more difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited.


  • Price Protection (Signature)

    Price Protection (Signature)

    If you buy an eligible item with your MHV Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card and find it advertised for less within 60 days of purchase, you can be reimbursed for the difference.
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance

    Travel & Emergency Assistance

    Put your mind at ease when you are traveling and get help coordinating medical, legal, and travel services when you need them.
  • Travel Accident Insurance

    Travel Accident Insurance

    When you purchase your common carrier (airline, bus, train, cruise ship) tickets with your MHV Visa Credit Card you get accidental death and dismemberment coverage so you can travel with peace of mind.
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption (Signature)

    Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption (Signature)

    If your trips get cut short or cancelled because you, or an eligible family member, get sick or injured, you can be reimbursed for the unused non-refundable portion of the common carrier (airline, bus, train, cruise ship) passenger fare when you pay with your MHV Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card.

Always Excellent Service

  • I now have great credit and have gained the resources I need to make great financial decisions.

    Claudine S.
  • I have always had excellent service. MHV notified me right away when I had a problem with a scam on my credit card account a couple of months ago.
    Mildred M.

Commonly Asked Questions About Credit Cards

  • To activate your MHV Debit or Credit Card, simply call the number listed on the sticker that will be on your card when you receive it. If your card does not have a sticker you may call our activation numbers.

  • You received a call because we noted suspicious activity on your MHV Debit or Credit Card and want to confirm the charge is legitimate. Reminder: MHV will never ask you for your account information or password.

  • To schedule one-time or recurring payments to an MHV credit card:From an MHV account, simply click or tap Transfer within Online Banking or the MHV Mobile App. From a non-MHV account, simply click on the card from the My Accounts page within Online Banking or tap your credit card within the Mobile. You'll then be directed to the card portal where you can make your payment. Please note you may be prompted to first register the card. Additionally, credit card access is available for primary owners only.

    To schedule one-time or recurring payments to a non-MHV credit card, use Bill Pay within Online Banking or the MHV Mobile App.

  • If either your MHV Debit card or Credit Card have been stolen, please contact us right away. You may call us at 845.336.4444 or stop into any Branch Location. You may also call Lost/Stolen Card Services at 866.820.8794.

    For your MHV Credit Card, you can also place a lost/stolen alert in Online Banking or the Mobile App. In Online Banking, click onto your Visa card, then click “Report Card Lost or Stolen” under the Quick Links at the right of the screen. Within the Mobile App, tap “More," then tap “Visa," then tap “Report Card Lost or Stolen” under Quick Links. Once you place the Report or Stolen alert, your card is immediately frozen.

  • You can use both your MHV Visa®  Debit Card and your MHV Visa Credit Card overseas. It is important to notify us when you plan on traveling so that we can notate your account. Otherwise, international use may be flagged as fraud and your card could be locked.

    If you plan on using your debit card internationally, please be sure to keep funds in your Checking Account. Most overseas ATMs will grant access to your Checking Account but not your Savings Account.

    When using your Visa Debit card at a foreign ATM you may request an "advance" accessing your checking account.

    At foreign ATMs you will receive the exchange on the funds and a surcharge and foreign ATM fee will apply. Keep in mind the ATM transaction will need to be under $200 (including ATM fee). If you need more than $200, you will need to do multiple withdrawals or with a VISA debit, go to a bank for a cash advance.
    For foreign ATM withdrawals, the rate of exchange between the transaction currency and the billable currency used for the processing of international VISA transactions is a wholesale market rate or government mandated rate in effect one day prior to the processing date plus one percent 1%.

    To place a travel alert on your MHV Visa Debit Card, you may call us at 845.336.4444 or stop into any Branch Location. To place a travel alert on your MHV Visa Credit Card, you may call 866.820.3867 or place the alert within Online Banking. Once you have logged into Online Banking, click onto your Visa card, then click “Travel Notifications” under the Quick Links at the right of the screen. Within the Mobile App, tap “More," then tap “Visa," then tap “Travel Notifications” under Quick Links.

  • You can mail your MHV Credit Card payment(s) to:

    VISA PO BOX 37603
    PHILADELPHIA, PA  19101-0603