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While this card looks like a Visa credit card, it’s really a Visa Debit (Check) Card — a recyclable “plastic check” that you can use for worldwide purchases and cash advances that will “clear” from your checking account, just as a check would. Think of the added convenience of using your Debit (Check) Card instead of a check: No need to produce identification every time you make a purchase, which saves you time; and no need to order checks so frequently, which saves you money and helps you to Go Green!

Pay for all types of purchases Quickly and Easily.

Here's how to sign for your purchases:

  • Swipe and Sign: Use your Visa Debit card, tell the cashier you want to sign or process as a credit for your purchase and sign the receipt.

  • At a PIN pad: Swipe your card, select CREDIT on the keypad instead of entering your pin.

The transaction is treated as a credit card transaction, so you won’t need your PIN (Personal ID Number). Your purchase will be paid from your checking account, saving you finance charges. (If the charge exceeds your available funds at the time of purchase the transaction will be denied as No Bounce Overdraft Protection does not apply as the purchase is labeled as a credit and not as a debit transaction) You’ll get and sign a receipt for each transaction (as you would with a credit card) which you can use to reconcile your checkbook and your statements. (Each purchase is detailed on your statement and is typically posted within 24 hours of your purchase.)

For added convenience, you can also track your transactions through EARS and Internet Home Banking.

Easy Access to your MHV Account

A Debit (Check) Card can also be used to access your accounts at ATMs and Point-of-Sale locations. These “debit” transactions require you to enter a PIN to complete the transaction. And some point-of-sale locations provide a no-fee cash-back option, giving you cash access with no surcharge.

Call 800.451.8373 to apply for a VISA Debit (Check) Card or stop by any of our convenient branch locations.

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