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  • Couple speaking to a mortgage expert

    Home Buying Tips Straight From the Experts

    5 insider tips from mortgage officers. Find out what advice they would give you about buying a house. And find out why it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.
  • Couple asking questions

    Top Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

    Before you even start hunting for your dream house, there are important questions you need to get the answers to. What are the tax implications of buying a home? What if I don’t have a down payment? Can I actually afford to own a home?
  • Couple refinancing their home for projects

    Are Mortgage Refinances or Home Equity Loans Better?

    One of the biggest advantages to owning your home is the ability to tap into the equity you build, or the amount of your house that you’ve paid off. When you need to access that equity as cash, though, you’re faced with a couple of options.