Over the last few years, as college costs have increased dramatically, more and more we are hearing parents express concern over funding their child's college education—without sacrificing their retirement savings in the process. Currently, the cost of a college education is between $16,000 and $60,000 for one year per child.

The great news is that MHV offers a free web-based college planning service for members that can help you make smart, informed college planning and funding decisions and help you save money on your out-of-pocket college costs.


This online service is offered through our collaboration with Collegiate Funding Solutions (CFS). CFS is widely regarded as the premier provider of web-based college planning and funding solutions. By investing just a few minutes, you can obtain your own custom college planning and funding report to help you better prepare and pay for college, regardless of income level.

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Visit Collegiate Funding Solutions and invest a few minutes in using this free service to take concrete steps toward helping your child pay for college.

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