Holiday Gifts

Cut Clutter and Stay on Budget with These 5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Dec 01, 2023
By Sara Fredericks, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Whether you’re looking to cut down on clutter, lower your holiday budget, or come up with a gift idea for the person that has everything, here are some alternative ways to gift your loved ones this holiday season.

Art classSubscriptions, Memberships or Classes

Instead of another toy or gift that will be forgotten about in a few weeks, there are so many fun subscriptions available for both children and adults! Membership ideas include museums, gyms, membership stores such as Sam’s Club, BJ’s, or Costco, or even food co-ops.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to subscriptions; for children there are subscriptions for magazines, books, crafts, science experiments, and even cooking. Adult subscriptions run the gamut and include foods of the month, fishing or camping supplies, fine wine or liquor, crafts, puzzles, and more!

Another great idea is the gift of enrichment. Ideas include art classes, music lessons, or cooking workshops.

MapAdventures or Experiences

If you don’t want to commit to the length of time and/or price point of a membership or subscription, consider the gift of an adventure or experience. This can be tailored to the recipient’s (or family’s) interests and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the adventure with your loved one. Ideas include dinner and a movie, a trip to a museum, a visit to a theme park, a nature experience such as hiking or kayaking, tickets to a sporting event, a visit to the zoo – there are endless possibilities that you can adjust accordingly against your holiday budget.

Cook pot boilingGifts of Service

For the right recipient, a gift of service could be the most meaningful gift they’ve ever received. Homemade ideas include babysitting, a home-cooked meal, home pampering, or even light housework. How do you present this type of gift? A homemade coupon or voucher could be the perfect way to give this type of gift. For ideas, head to the internet or Pinterest, or design your own!

Professional gifts of service can usually be obtained by the company/service of your choice by way of gift certificate. Ideas include personal care services such as hair, nails or massage, certificates for housecleaning, car washes, or even driveway sealing or power washing services.

Custom necklacePersonalized Gifts

Consider giving personalized gifts that won’t add to clutter but will still be cherished. Personalizing something special like a photo calendar, custom-made jewelry, or monogrammed dish towels add a personal touch while minimizing clutter.

Homemade giftHomemade Gifts

Pinterest is a great place to research ideas for crafts or treats that could make good gifts this holiday season, and if you already have a signature treat that your friends and family go crazy for when you make it, now’s the time to pull that recipe out! Unique tins and containers can be obtained at your local craft store or dollar store to attractively wrap your treats for gift giving.

If you aren’t skilled in crafting or baking, don’t add to the stress of the holiday season by trying to create gifts of this nature - you can still give homemade items this holiday season by purchasing from artisans at local craft fairs and shows, or even small businesses such as candy stores or bakeries.


This holiday season don’t let clutter and budget constraints dampen your gift-gifting spirit. With so many options for thoughtful and clutter-free presents that are both budget-friendly and enjoyable for your loved ones, you’re sure to find the perfect present for each person on your holiday list!

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