Young woman moving into college

7 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for College

Aug 22, 2023
By Mariclare Cranston, Marketing Content Strategist

OneOpen a checking account

If your child doesn’t already have a checking account, open one with them. Be sure the financial institution has free ATMs near campus. A checking account will give your student a place to put any money they earn while at school…and you to deposit funds in case of an emergency.

TwoSchedule their doctor appointments

The college will likely want your child fully vaccinated, so it’s a good idea to make sure they are up to date. It’s also important that their annual doctor visits are completed so they don’t go a year without a checkup.

Three Find out what size sheets they need

Some college dorms require extra long sheets. Before you purchase bed linens, find out what size will work in your child’s dorm.

Four Buy bed risers to increase storage space

Storage space is a premium at school. Putting the bed on risers can create enough space for under-the-bed storage containers.

FiveHelp them get the lay of the land

Try to sit with your child to go over the campus map. Confirm they know where the medical office, food hall, and security office are.

SixEncourage them to reach out to new roommate(s)

Moving in with someone you’ve never met can be scary – especially when you’re also separated from your family. Encourage your student to reach out to their new roommates before the school year begins. They can get to know each other and decide what shared items they’ll each bring.

SevenGet familiar with local transit options, places to eat, etc.

If your child is going away to school, help them figure out how they can get around. Is there public transportation? Are there any grocery stores within walking distance? Where can they grab a quick bite when they’ve missed the food hall hours?

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