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Articles to Help You On Your Financial Journey

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Credit, Loans and Debt

What are the benefits of debt consolidation?

Discover the meaning of debt consolidation and its benefits. Consolidate multiple debts for lower interest, simplified payments, and a clear path to becoming debt-free.
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    Saving and Budgeting

    Smart Money Moves: Choosing the Right Free Checking Account for You

    Explore the benefits of a free checking account in New York. Discover no fees, flexible options, and exclusive perks for your financial peace of mind.
  • Couple talking about finances

    Money’s Hard and I Need Help

    Why are people afraid to talk about money? It’s one of the most common stressors for Americans. Find out why – and how you can start to break the ice – in this article.
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    Snippet Series

    Holiday Fraud

    Need help navigating through scams this holiday season? Here are 7 tips to help keep you aware of the seasonal patterns of fraud.
  • Holiday Gifts
    Snippet Series

    Cut Clutter and Stay on Budget with These 5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

    Unsure where to begin with your holiday shopping? Gift your loved ones this season with these 5 thoughtful gift ideas.
  • Fraud prevention
    Fraud and Security

    How MHV Prevents Fraud

    In a world where fraud has become so wide spread, learn about how MHV safeguards its members and what preventative measures you can take to help avoid losing money to fraud.
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    Snippet Series

    Your Winter Prep Cheat-Sheet

    Is your home ready for winter? Easily get ahead with these 5 winter-prep tips. This short read gives you standard and pro ways to get ready.
  • Young woman moving into college
    Snippet Series

    7 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for College

    Have a child heading off to college? Use these quick tips to help them prepare.
  • Man thinking about money

    Unleashing the Power of Financial Mindfulness: Transforming Your Money Habits for a Brighter Future

    Budgeting is great, but it's not going to fix deeply rooted money habits. Discover the transformative potential of financial mindfulness. From mindful spending habits to emotional intelligence in money matters, get the insights you need to rewrite your money story. 
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    Saving and Budgeting

    Am I Saving for My Kid’s Future the Right Way?

    529 Plan or Trust? Which is better for your child’s future? Get the definitive breakdown of each savings tool. Find confidence in how you’re planning for your children.