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Keep Your Debit Card Secure article photo
Fraud and Security

Want to Protect Your Debit Card from Fraud?

You want to keep your debit card (and your accounts) safe from fraud, right? Here are some tips you probably won’t hear anywhere else.
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  • Buying Groceries
    Saving and Budgeting

    Top 6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

    Ever experience that, “I’m sorry, how much?!” moment in the grocery store? You know – the one that makes you look back at your cart and wonder how so little could cost so much?
  • Money

    Are FinTechs and Digital Banks Better Than Traditional Banks and Credit Unions?

    There’s no denying that FinTechs (digital-only banks) are gaining popularity. But are they better than banks or credit unions?
  • Couple managing financial stress

    How do I Reduce Financial Stress?

    Can you imagine a completely stress-free life? Neither can we. But there are ways to manage your stress – especially when it’s financial stress – that can make your day-to-day a little easier.
  • What to do after debt consolidation
    Credit, Loans and Debt

    Top 5 Things to Do After Debt Consolidation

    Understanding debt consolidation is important – but it’s what you do after you consolidate that very often determines whether or not it will work for you.
  • Couple looking concerned
    Credit, Loans and Debt

    Does Refinancing Impact my Credit Score?

    Ever thought about refinancing your car loan or mortgage? Then you’ve probably wondered what will happen to your credit score if you do refinance.
  • Money Growing
    Saving and Budgeting

    What is Microsaving and How Can I Use it?

    Ever looked at a savings goal and felt…defeated? Learn how little deposits can lead to big savings.
  • Couple looking worried
    Fraud and Security

    What is Elder Fraud and How do I Prevent It?

    As we approach 2021, an estimated 74 million ‘baby boomers’ are approaching retirement age and for the next 20 years, nearly 10,000 people a day will turn 65 years old; it is important to recognize two facts as we look at those statistics.
  • Shocked man looking at papers
    Saving and Budgeting

    How Do I Avoid Checking Account Fees?

    No one wants to pay fees for their Checking Account, right? So, why do financial institutions charge them? And what can you do about them?
  • GAP Insurance can help protect you

    What is GAP Insurance?

    When you finance your new or used car or truck, you will probably be asked if you want to purchase GAP Insurance. While you may be hesitant to spend more money, this coverage could prove a smart choice in the event of a car accident.