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Articles to Help You On Your Financial Journey

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Money’s Hard and I Need Help

Why are people afraid to talk about money? It’s one of the most common stressors for Americans. Find out why – and how you can start to break the ice – in this article.
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    Your Winter Prep Cheat-Sheet

    Is your home ready for winter? Easily get ahead with these 5 winter-prep tips. This short read gives you standard and pro ways to get ready.
  • Young woman moving into college
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    7 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for College

    Have a child heading off to college? Use these quick tips to help them prepare.
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    Cheap Vacations: Making Travel Work On A Tight Budget

    Can you still vacation on a tight budget? Yes: here’s how (plus apps you can download to keep it cheap).
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    Are FinTechs and Digital Banks Better Than Traditional Banks and Credit Unions?

    There’s no denying that FinTechs (digital-only banks) are gaining popularity. But are they better than banks or credit unions?
  • Couple managing financial stress

    How do I Reduce Financial Stress?

    Can you imagine a completely stress-free life? Neither can we. But there are ways to manage your stress – especially when it’s financial stress – that can make your day-to-day a little easier.
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    Should We Have a Joint Checking Account?

    Ah, the intertwining of finances! Of all the complexities of a relationship, this is perhaps the most delicate. Should you and your spouse or partner combine accounts into a joint checking account? Or should you keep them separate? To answer that, let’s look at the top three pros and cons of establishing a joint account.