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Have the Freedom to Take the Vacation You Want

Jun 07, 2024

Everyone deserves time away from the daily grind. Whether you’ve been eagerly planning your dream trip or need to vacation on a budget, you should have the freedom to travel. With a few budgeting tips and the right financial tools to get you there, you can vacation when and how you want, without finances holding you back.

Keep reading to learn how to save for a vacation hassle-free. Take the vacation you desire with these helpful tools.

Budget Friendly Hacks

Are you tired of waiting through years of saving before you can take a vacation? There is no time like the present. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances before rewarding yourself with the joys of travel; instead, follow these tips for budget-friendly traveling. Maximize your experience without compromising your budget.

Travel During the Off-Season

Before jet-setting to your dream destination, look at off-peak travel times. Businesses often raise rates during peak seasons, when everyone is flocking to the same destinations, and traveling during this time can mean higher prices for airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and expeditions. Instead, save big by traveling during the off-season. Airlines, travel services, and hospitality industries lower prices to attract more travelers during their slower seasons.

Don’t let the idea of off-season traveling keep you from taking advantage of discounts. Off-season doesn’t always mean bad weather. Sometimes the off-season isn’t far from the ideal time to travel to your destination. It may only be the difference of a few weeks. If you travel just before or after peak season, you may still find ideal conditions but at cheaper rates. Make sure to double-check the weather and operating hours for attractions before booking.

Be Spontaneous

If you have the freedom of flexibility, you can save even more by taking advantage of last-minute deals. Similar to off-season deals, travel services may lower prices just before their scheduled trip to entice more customers. This is especially true if they didn’t sell as many airline tickets or book as many hotel rooms as anticipated. If there are empty seats or rooms, they will lower prices to fill open availability. Use travel apps or websites to look for last-minute deals.

Apply this same method to choosing your destination. If you are not tied to a specific destination, you can jump on the best deals available. You may be surprised that a trip to Greece is cheaper than somewhere closer to home, all depending on how prices fluctuate. Set up alerts on a travel website or app to be notified of price changes so you know when it’s time to book to get the best deal.

Get Away for a Long Weekend

If you can’t afford to take two weeks off from work, pack a lot of fun into fewer days. Look for places you can travel during an extended weekend. Get creative while keeping to a budget. Explore new spots and take in local culture and cuisine. Whether you prefer beaches, trail hikes, or a more urban landscape with museums rich in history or art, there is something for everyone.

Saving for a Vacation of Your Dreams

Are you thinking about checking a dream vacation off your bucket list instead? Plan ahead to save for your big trip. Financial tools give you the freedom to vacation on your terms, without depleting your entire savings.

Use these tools below to take the vacation of a lifetime.

Take Out a Personal Loan

Turn that dream destination into reality with a personal loan. There’s no time like the present. Rather than skimp and save, always putting off your trip until you have enough, take control of your future with a personal loan.

Personal loans aren’t exclusively for serious goals such as debt consolidation or medical expenses. They can be used for virtually anything, including financing a vacation. You can obtain an unsecured personal loan without putting up collateral. Simply choose a favorable loan term with great rates, and soon you’ll be dipping your toes in pristine tropical waters or hiking Machu Picchu. Take the trip of your dreams without having to wait so long before jetting off on a grand adventure.

Personal loans are typically offered at fixed interest rates with a fixed repayment period. Loan terms vary widely, so shop around. Choose a credit union for great rates and to pay your loan off sooner without prepayment penalties.

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At MHV, you can secure a personal loan in as little as one business day. No need to wait for your adventure of a lifetime. Plus, you won’t be charged to apply for your loan. As a not-for-profit, credit unions work hard so members can save more and worry less.

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Put Your Savings to Work for You

Is saving for vacation now and then traveling later more comfortable for your lifestyle? Fast-track your savings with a high-yield savings option. Options such as money market accounts and certificates can boost your savings by accruing higher interest each month than traditional savings accounts. When you earn a competitive rate with little to no fees, you maximize your money’s growth.

You choose the account that works best for your lifestyle. A money market account operates like a checking account. Access your money daily, as needed while earning a higher dividend on your funds. If you have some cash you can set aside and leave it untouched for a while, a certificate might be a great option. You’ll have to leave your money in the account for a set term to avoid early withdrawal penalties, but certificates often offer the highest returns.

Tap Into Home Equity

Have equity in your home? Use your home equity to secure a fixed rate with flexible terms and access larger amounts of money than a personal loan. Equity is calculated by subtracting how much you still owe on the mortgage from the current value of your home. Put your home’s equity to use, and fund the trip of a lifetime.

With these strategies, you can vacation on a budget or finally take your dream vacation. No matter your budget, use these tips and tools and have the freedom to vacation the way you want.

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