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Our eBooks are designed to provide you with easy-to-understand insights and tips on some of the most important financial topics. No sales, no product promotions.

Just the information you need. Consider them the Ultimate Guides for navigating your financial journey.

home ownership  ebook cover

Your Journey to Homeownership

From calculating how much you can afford to understanding the various mortgage types and how to make an offer, this eBook will help you navigate your way into the home of your dreams.                 

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home improvements ebook cover

Your Guide To Home Improvements

A one-stop resource to help you plan for any home improvement or renovation projects. Avoid common mistakes and save yourself some money by reading the tips in this guide. 

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Construction eBook

Your Guide to Home Construction

It's not just any home. It's THE home. And that means you're building it from the ground up. This guide walks you through the entire construction loan process, from planning through closing. 

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Drive away happy ebook cover

Drive Away Happy

The guide you’ll want to read before you start car shopping. With a used car checklist, tips on how to determine if you should buy or lease and important considerations to keep in mind, this eBook will eliminate some of the uncertainty and frustration of buying a car or truck. 

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using credit wisely ebook cover

Using Credit Wisely

A concise and easily understood guide, whether you are a new credit card holder or just need some guidance on managing your credit responsibly. Learn how to make credit work for you. 

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debt consolidation ebook cover

Understanding Debt Consolidation

This guide will walk you through financial warning signs, how a debt consolidation loan works, and how to manage your finances after you consolidate your debt. 

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checking managemennt ebook cover

Checking Account Management

Not just for new account holders. If you’ve ever wondered about check holds or mobile wallets, this guide is for you. You’ll also read about steps you can take to make your Checking Account more secure. 

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debt consolidation ebook cover

How to Master Your Money

Outlines steps you can take to start building your Savings Account. With four manageable and sustainable action steps, this guide will set you on the path to a healthy Savings. 

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Managing money in uncertainty ebook cover

Managing Money In Times of Uncertainty

Managing Money in Time of Uncertainty is going to help you build your Financial Resilience Plan, a roadmap for finding your way to the other side of crisis. 

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debt consolidation ebook cover

The Basics of Identity Theft

A must-read. Unfortunately, becoming a victim of this crime is less a matter of “if” and more a question of “when”. Be sure you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and your accounts against the growing epidemic of identity theft. 

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settlement of decedents accounts ebook cover

Settlement of Decedent's Accounts

Managing the accounts of a deceased love one can be stressful, difficult and confusing. This guide walks you through the process of account settlement. 

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free money ebook cover

The Free Money Guide

This eBook walks you through the process of financing a college education. It covers topics such as how to apply for Financial Aid, where to go to find “free money” such as scholarships and grants, and other tips to help afford a college education. 

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