Your New Year On-Demand Financial Refresh

Even if you’re not a resolution kind of person, there’s no harm in making 2022 the year of your best financial shape…right?

We’ve brought back 3 of our all-star webinars – including their accompanying downloads – in this on-demand New Year Financial Refresh package. Get your refresh on by:

Checkmark Wrapping your arms around your current debt and how to handle it without the stress

Checkmark Understanding your relationship with money – and using that to sidestep spending excuses

Checkmark Kicking your overall health into high gear
Take them at your own pace. The Financial Refresh is on your time.

I’ve Racked Up Some Extra Debt

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the holidays and find yourself relying on credit a bit more than you’d like.

If you’ve racked up some extra debt that’s feeling a little too heavy, this session is for you.

You’ll go over the ins and outs of understanding and managing your debt. And that will give you the kind of financial foothold you’ve been waiting for.

Download My Debt Diagram Chart

I Don’t Understand Why My Money Goals Fail

Financial resolutions are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. So why do so many people go off the trail after a few months?

Here’s the thing:

A lot of it comes down to your relationship with spending.

So we’re going to look at the psychology of money to help you understand your relationship with spending. Then we’ll tackle the excuses we all use to avoid saving money – giving you the roadmap you need to start building a savings you can be proud of.

Download My Savings Goals Worksheet

Financial Health Rocks…but What About Me?

Financial health is just the beginning. What else matters? Your eating habits. Your physical condition. And you’re getting the experts’ take on your healthiest you in this session.

Your final webinar gives you exactly what you need to do to power up your healthy habits – and introduces Anthony Figueroa, from Evolve Into Fitness LLC, to get your physical fitness jump-started.

Download My Workout