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College-Level Financial Education

Round out their curriculum with the financial knowledge they'll need to succeed

Give Them Everything They Need to be Successful

You’re dedicated to giving your students the tools they need to be successful adults. Understanding money is a critical part of that. And almost everyone wishes they had learned about money sooner. In fact, 63% of Americans think financial education should be offered in school1.

Avoid building a curriculum of your own. The Adulting 101 workshop covers all the financial bases – from banking basics, to credit and debt, to career readiness.

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Adulting 101: Finances for the soon-to-be college graduate

This five-part series includes 30-minute sessions created to guide soon-to-be college graduates towards financial empowerment. Secure a successful transition into adulthood for your students with information on the basics of banking and credit, how to budget, and tips on preparing for job interviews.

Banking 101
How to use a Checking and Savings Account properly – plus how to manage those accounts to avoid service fees.

▸ Creating a Budget
Successfully manage finances – especially with paychecks coming in – with clear financial goals and a solid budget.

Understanding Credit
Credit and debt are facts of life…and learning what credit is and how to use it responsibly can mean the difference between financial success and financial stress.

▸ Managing Debt
There’s a way to effectively accrue and manage debt to build credit and prepare for life’s major purchases.  

Preparing for Your First Career
Build a winning resume and rock the interview in the first step towards building your career.