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Elementary Financial Education

Because the sooner you start, the stronger they'll be

Help them build a solid financial foundation

 Almost everyone wishes they had learned about money sooner. In fact, 63% of Americans think financial education should be offered in school1.

And research out of Cambridge University2 supports financial education in kids as young as 3.

Your students can begin building an understanding of money with the basic concepts of Save, Share, Spend, and Earn. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program – to bring these concepts to your classroom with fun, age-appropriate education.

The program is built for children under the age of 10. The zero-cost initiative uses reading and activities to help your students learn how to earn money – and what to do with it.





  • Thank you to MHV and their staff for providing this great program. Our students, and staff really enjoyed the reading and activity. We look forward to working with MHV again!
    Lynnette W.
  • Thank you MHV staff for providing this wonderful program. Our students, families, and staff at New Beginnings Learning Academy really enjoyed the reading and activity. We feel we are giving our kids an advantage by learning about money and savings at a young age. We also always love to encourage reading. All students received a lovely Berenstain Bears book to take home. We look forward to working with MHV again!
    Amanda G.

Here's what your students will experience

  • Reading icon


    We’ll gather your students around for a reading of The Berenstain Bears Visit the Credit Union. The story explores the concept of saving money and introduces kids to credit unions.
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    Your class will enjoy a scenario-based activity to help put the Save, Share, Spend and Earn concepts into practice.
  • Bear icon

    Meet The Bears

    The Berenstain Bears – live and in-person! Brother and Sister Bear will visit your class and be available for a group photo.
  • Goody bag

    Goody Bags

    Each student will receive a goody bag that may include coloring pages, a Berenstain Bears book, and more.

Just for Teachers

The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program is designed to national financial literacy standards. Children will learn about the concepts of Save, Share, Spend and Earn as well as basic information about credit unions.

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