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It’s time to restart your financial journey. The Financial Makeover Bootcamp is your one-stop resource to get the fresh financial start you need.

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Who is this Right FOr?

Money is getting really hard to manage. Bills pile up, you’re dancing with grace periods, there’s never any extra cash. Maybe bankruptcy was your solution, or maybe you feel like it’s inevitable.

MHV’s Financial Makeover Bootcamp is your chance to stop the financial stress. This series of webinars is designed to give you the tools, guidance, and confidence to create new financial habits. These four expert-led sessions are packed with information on adapting spending behaviors, building your credit score, managing debt effectively, and planning for sustainable success.

Balancing your finances is complicated enough to begin with. That’s why we’re focusing on need-to-know facts and realistic steps to help you redefine your journey. It’s time to break up with bad money.

It’s time for a Financial Makeover.

What will you cover?

From reshaping your spending habits, to adapting your credit behavior, to planning for sustainable change, we’ve brought together the most important information to help you start and master your makeover. Each session will give you the steps you need to take to make the small but powerful changes in your makeover journey.

Understanding Credit

If you’re in need of a financial makeover, chances are your credit has probably taken a hit. Whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy or feel like it’s looming in the future, we will give you a solid understanding of how your credit works and where you may have gone wrong in the past. We’ll also debunk common credit myths and outline behaviors you can start doing to help boost your score. Walk away from this webinar with easy-to-implement steps to start rebuilding your credit and tips on how to avoid credit pitfalls in the future.

Presented by: Sarah Short, Financial Education Specialist & Aaron Lindo, Consumer Loan Underwriter

June 24
5:30 pm
Budgeting Basics

Budgeting is critical to fixing your finances. It is the single most powerful tool you can add to your finances. In this webinar, we’ll review the basics of budgeting and take a deeper dive into how to manage your spending – all with the goal of using your credit card less. Learn how to track and assess your current spending, make and stick to your saving goal, and build sustainable money behaviors with your budget. You’ll leave this webinar with the tools and action items you’ll need to reinvent your budgeting.

Presented by: Sarah Short, Financial Education Specialist

July 1
5:30 pm
Debt Management

Debt is almost always a fact of life, and while aspiring to live debt-free is a worthy goal, learning how to manage the debt you currently have is going to have immediate benefits for you. How do you keep it from overwhelming you? What decisions are you making that end up putting you in greater debt? In this webinar, we’ll present actionable ideas to help you understand your debt picture, mitigate potential hardships, and what to do when debt becomes too much.

Presented by: Sarah Short, Financial Education Specialist & Kim Keizer, CCUFC, Loss Mitigation Underwriter

July 8
5:30 pm
Planning for Life

You’ve learned a lot in the previous three sessions. But how do you plan for sustainable change? In this webinar, we’re going to outline the important planning that needs to take place to help you achieve lifelong financial change. We’ll cover everything from insurance to savings and give you the exact steps you need to take to turn your financial makeover into a financial lifestyle.

Presented by: Sarah Short, Financial Education Specialist, Kim Keizer, CCUFC, Loss Mitigation Underwriter & Daniel McDonough CRPC®, Financial Advisor

July 15
5:30 pm

Meet the Presenters

Photo of Financial Education Specialist

Sarah Short

Financial Education Specialist

Sarah Short is MHV’s dedicated Financial Education Specialist. She has presented to over 200 individuals on various financial topics, and an additional 400 via recorded webinars. She is currently studying to become a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor.

Photo of Consumer Loan Underwriter

Aaron Lindo

Consumer Loan Underwriter

Aaron Lindo is a Consumer Loan Underwriter with MHV. He is responsible for reviewing loan applications and making lending decisions as well as funding applications from MHV’s car dealer partners. Aaron has over a decade of experience in financial services with eight years in lending and underwriting.

Photo of Loss Mitigation Underwriter

Kim Keizer, CCUFC

Loss Mitigation Underwriter

Kim Keizer is a Loss Mitigation Underwriter who evaluates and implements hardship assistance options for MHV’s members. She has 17 years of Financial Services experience, specializing in Loss Mitigation and all aspects of Residential Mortgage Lending. She is a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor.

Photo of Financial Advisor

Daniel McDonough, CRPC®

Financial Advisor

Daniel McDonough CRPC® is a Financial Professional with the MHV Investment & Retirement Center. He works with members to provide retirement and financial planning with particular focus on retirement capital preservation and income, college funding plans, and investment strategies. 

How Does This Work?

This Bootcamp is designed to be completed in its entirety. Each webinar will build on knowledge shared in the previous so it’s important to attend each session, either while it’s live or via the recorded version. Along the way, you’ll receive supplemental tips, check-ins to keep you on track, and opportunities to dive a little deeper into your unique financial situation.


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