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Money is getting really hard to manage. Bills pile up, you’re dancing with grace periods, there’s never any extra cash. Maybe bankruptcy was your solution, or maybe you feel like it’s inevitable.

Rebuilding after financial disruptions like major expenses or bankruptcy is one of the most difficult tasks people can face. Uncertainty is compounded by fear and, sometimes, embarrassment. Access to expert guidance to navigate these circumstances is critical to helping people achieve successful outcomes. Our Financial Bootcamp is a series of webinars designed to walk participants through the steps needed to start rebuilding credit, reestablishing their savings and managing their money going forward.

It’s time for a Financial Makeover.

What We will cover

Building a Budget

Learning how to build and maintain a budget is critical for managing and avoiding financial disruptions. We will cover how to build a budget and how to monitor your spending against it.

Presented by: Sarah Short, CCUFC, Financial Education Specialist

Tuesday, July 6
5:30pm - 6:30pm

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Understanding Credit

Get a deeper understanding of how credit works and the behaviors that can positively or negatively impact your credit score.

Presented by: Sarah Short, CCUFC, Financial Education Specialist

Tuesday, July 13
5:30pm - 6:30pm

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Debt Management

We’ll cover methods for effective debt management and how to avoid facing delinquency, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

Presented by: Sarah Short, CCUFC, Financial Education Specialist

Tuesday, July 20
5:30pm - 6:30pm

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Meet the Presenter

Photo of Financial Education Specialist

Sarah Short, CCUFC

Financial Education Specialist

Sarah Short is MHV’s dedicated Financial Education Specialist. She has presented to hundreds of individuals on various financial topics, both live and via recorded webinars. She is a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor.

How Does This Work?

This Bootcamp is designed to be completed in its entirety. Each webinar will build on knowledge shared in the previous so it’s important to attend each session, either while it’s live or via the recorded version. Along the way, you’ll receive supplemental tips, check-ins to keep you on track, and opportunities to dive a little deeper into your unique financial situation.


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Attend each webinar

Each session is packed with easy-to-implement suggestions to help you master your makeover.


Implement What You’ve Learned

Take the tips and action items outlined in each webinar and begin incorporating them into your daily financial journey.


Check for accountability emails

We’ll be checking in throughout the series to help you stay on track, get your questions answered, and maintain your momentum.


I wanted to thank you for your input on budgeting today. I found the presentation very helpful and I can’t wait to implement the tips you provided. After hearing from you, I realized how poorly I have been budgeting my expenses, but I know that today’s presentation will change that! Again, thank you for your presentation!

John Z.

I want to say thank you, for the opportunity to improve my understanding of the personal banking world, from basic savings and checking accounts, to credit, to loans, scholarships, budgeting. It was something I was not taught at home or in school.


A Special Note From The Host