Do you remember the Game of Life?

As kids, we piled pegs into our little plastic cars and with a spin of the dial acquired spouses, children, mortgages, insurance, career changes, and tax bills. Investment was WAY over simplified by purchasing a “Stock” number from 1-10 and receiving payouts every time a player spun that number. At the end of the one-way track, all players end up with just three simple choices for retirement.

Why can’t the real world operate so simply!? While luck does play a part as we travel down our own winding paths, success is ultimately determined by financial education and implementing that know-how. In the real world, we can stack the deck in our favor by knowing how to manage our money for each stage of life. At MHV, we encourage you to routinely review your opportunities and strategies for every stage of life from birth through retirement.

Stage One: Cradle to College

Stage Two: Young Adulthood

Stage Three: Middle Age

Stage Four: Retirement




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