A Better Way to Pay for College
College is an exciting time, full of new opportunities and experiences. Our aim is to make financing college easier so you can focus on what's really important - achieving your dreams of a higher education at the school of your choice!
The Student Choice Undergraduate private loan solution was designed to fill the funding gaps that may exist after all-lower-cost sources of aid (including scholarships, grants and Federal Stafford loans) have been exhausted. 
Our private student loan solution:


  • Helps fill the funding gap that exists after lower-cost sources of aid have been exhausted.
  • Offers zero origination fees and lower rates* than many other lenders.
  • Allows for fully deferred payments while students are in school (optional).
  • Is structured as a Line-of-Credit (LOC), which can be used over multiple years throughout an undergraduate career. Each year, students simply determine how much of the eligible LOC amount they'll need - without having to complete an entirely new application!
  • Offers flexible repayment options resulting in lower initial payments after graduation.
  • Gives members the chance to reduce your interest rate by 0.25% during full repayment when you enroll in automatic payment. If your line of credit is subject to a floor rate (also known as a minimum interest rate) as specified in your promissory note, your rate will never be less than the floor rate.
  • Provides funding from a financial institution you can trust.




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*Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Loan subject to credit approval.