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Budgeting, tracking your spending, checking multiple accounts at multiple financial institutions…managing your money can sometimes feel like more of a hassle than a help. But with MHV’s myMoney Trail, you can easily see your MHV and external accounts, monitor your spending, track your financial goals, and adjust your budgets – all within our  Online Banking or MHV Mobile App. myMoney Trail automatically allocates most of your spending making budgeting a breeze. Put the power of visualization behind your financial goals with the tool’s timeline feature. Or pinpoint exactly when funds might be a little bit tight with the cash flow assistant. myMoney Trail is designed to give you convenient, hassle-free access to your full financial picture.

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I find MHVFCU’s Money Management Tool invaluable in that it keeps track of our household’s income and expenses into predefined categories, as my Wife is an Independent Contractor responsible for paying her own taxes and I am a salaried employee with tax withholdings. The export of the expense data allows me to import the data into a spreadsheet so that I can provide the proper expense data to our CPA for our joint tax return filings.

Jeff Ehmann

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