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Your clients are excited. But they’re not always equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate a home purchase. So you take the time with them to explain mortgages and the costs associated with buying a house.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all that information was just…there? At your fingertips?

Now it is.

Get your clients the resources they need before, during, and after the house-buying process.

And build their confidence in their own knowledge…and their realtor. 

Before your clients buy their house


Top Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

Before you even start hunting for your dream house, there are important questions you need to get the answers to. What are the tax implications of buying a home? What if I don’t have a down payment? Can I…

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What is a Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)?

Chances are, you know that your credit score is going to be a critical factor in how lenders will decide whether or not to give you a loan. But, your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is a number you need to be…

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Home Buying Tips Straight From the Experts

5 insider tips from mortgage officers. Find out what advice they would give you about buying a house. And find out why it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

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Home buying Webinar

Share this link with your clients who are just starting out. Denise Quinn, NMLS #454310, is joined by Katheryn DeClerk, Rand Realty, Lic. Associate Real Estate Broker (#30DE0906388), to walk homebuyers through the process. Copy and paste the link to share or click the button to watch the recording.
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Whether your client is buying or selling, share these podcasts featuring local experts

Podcast   Expert homebuying tips with Kyla Thomas, a realtor from Murphy Realty Group.

Podcast   Staging your home with Jennifer Tampasis, Principal Designer and Owner of Jennifer Lynn Interiors.

Homeownership Coaching

Certified financial counselors can help your clients get prepared for the expense of homeownership. Counselors are available 6 days a week, with evening hours Monday - Thursday. This counseling is anonymous.
Check Out the Counseling 
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Guide to Homeownership

From calculating how much they can afford to understanding the various mortgage types and how to make an offer, this eBook will help your clients navigate their way into the home of their dreams.
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Budgets Matter

When your clients are trying to figure out a monthly payment they’re comfortable with, they’ll need to know exactly how much they’re already spending. Share this budget worksheet with them to get them going.
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They Don’t Need 20% Down!

You probably see it a lot: the misconception that people can’t buy a house until they have 20% down. You already know that’s not necessarily true. Here’s a listing of buyer’s programs MHV offers to help your clients get into their home for less.
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During the Mortgage Process

Journey Map

How does the mortgage process flow at MHV? What steps will your client’s application go through? This journey map outlines exactly what happens to an application at MHV.
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Loan Estimate Explainer

What’s a loan estimate? This paperwork may overwhelm your clients. And they may come to you with questions. Share this video to help put them at ease.
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Money Mistakes to Avoid

There are certain money moves your clients shouldn’t make after submitting their mortgage application. This video walks them through the mistakes to avoid.
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Closing Costs Shouldn’t be a Surprise

Have you ever worked with a client that was blown away by how much they need to pay at closing? Help them avoid the sticker shock. This chart outlines some of the common fees that are collected at closing. Please note this list isn’t exhaustive and amounts aren’t included because they vary too greatly. But this list helps illustrate what your clients should prepare for.
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After your clients close

What Other Costs go into Owning a Home?

Unfortunately, the expense of owning a home doesn’t stop after closing. This infographic outlines some average homeowner costs. Share it with your clients to help them prepare their savings and budget accordingly.
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When They Buy a Fixer-Upper

Your client bought the house of their dreams…but it needs some work. They can’t get a traditional home equity loan because they haven’t built equity yet. But they CAN apply for an MHV Equity Edge – the no equity loan. Plus you can share this guide to effectively managing home improvement projects.
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