Subj: You May Not Know This But… 

Preview: Your chance to voice your thoughts inside. 

Header: You deserve to be heard 

You’ve got opinions about your financial journey – and how your financial needs are being met. And when it comes to saving money, your feelings may be pretty strong. 

So we’re hoping you’re willing to share your thoughts in this survey. 

It will take you less than 2 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous unless you give us the ok in the survey to contact you. 

Here’s why we’re asking: 

Understanding your experience with saving money helps us to understand: 

✓ What savings tools are most important to you 

✓ What obstacles you need to overcome to save more 

✓ What we may be able to focus on to help our members save We can make assumptions all day long. But we’d rather hear from someone who knows – like you.

Yes, I’ll Take the Survey! 

Because you deserve to be heard