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Talk to a Teller, Even After Hours at MHV!

Our favorite story as told to us by one of our members. At 10:00 PM, the members' card wasn't working. Hoping it was just a mechanical glitch, he then drove the few miles to the main branch, where he had his first encounter with the Personal Teller (PT), a interactive customer service portal. He reported to us that, "Not only did a live teller fix my problem, but I got an apology at the same time."

Now that is something no machine can do...

Personal Teller (PT) technology is only available at Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. When MHV put its initial PT into service in 2008, it was one of the first financial institutions in the country to do so.

So, how is this different from using a traditional ATM?

  • The biggest difference is interaction with a local person, not a machine. With the Personal Teller, a member is actually able to talk face-to-face with a teller via phone and video.
  • We employ local! When you use the Personal Teller, you are transacting with a Teller from a centralized location in Kingston, NY.
  • Deposits are posted to your account immediately as opposed to taking up to 3 days with a standard ATM.
  • No wasted time standing in line during regular branch hours. PTs boast an average wait time of only 45 seconds so you can get in and get on with your day.
  • Additional functionality of making loan payments and transferring funds between accounts.
  • Now you don't even have to get out of your car to talk to a teller face-to-face! MHV is the first in the world to offer the Personal Teller Drive-Up. As of July 2011, Drive-up PTs are available at MHV's Port Ewen, Newburgh and Middletown locations!

Personal Teller = Human Interaction

In essence, a Personal Teller can handle any transaction done by a teller in a branch lobby. The member initiates a session by simply touching the screen, which connects him or her to a teller.

According to Shannon Welter, who heads up the Personal Teller team at MHV, "We can see and talk to each other through a video camera with built-in speakers or a privacy handset. You don't need a deposit slip or even an ATM card, just your account number. And if you can't remember it, we will verify your ID and look it up for you. Then we build a virtual deposit slip before your eyes. You sign, get an itemized receipt, cash back, whatever you need … and always a smile and a thank you. The Personal Teller technology is so exciting because it allows us to give our members a higher level of service than they ever expected!"

If you haven't tried the Personal Teller yet, ask for a demonstration at any one of our locations! Our staff would be happy to guide you through the PT experience.

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