You're paying and paying without feeling
like it could ever be paid off.

You are financially responsible. You're making your payments on time and yet...the balances just aren't going away.

Throw in multiple payments each month. Overwhelming interest rates. Economic uncertainty. Some days you wonder if you can get by.

You can regain control of your finances

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling like you made a very smart move. The exact move you need to make to feel like you're in control of your money. The move that's going to put all of your debt in one place, with a single payment, and a lower rate.

You're imagining a Debt Consolidation Loan.

"I am so relieved. I finally feel like I have a financial future."

Consolidate Your Debt in 4 Simple Steps


Get Your Info Together

Determine what debt you're including. If you're consolidating credit cards, you'll need to provide your credit card account numbers and current balances.


Apply Online

Applying for the loan is fast, easy and online. Request the amount needed to pay off your cards. Apply for as little as $300 or as much as $25,000.


Get Your Check(s)

After you're approved, you'll receive checks to pay off your cards.


Stop Swiping

You're human. You'll be tempted to use your card or apply for new ones...but you just got things under control.

"I didn't know a credit union could help me!"

Let's be sure we can. Here's how you can qualify for an MHV Debt Consolidation Loan.

  Your credit card interest rate is overwhelming, but you're not behind on any payments yet.
  Your credit score is holding steady somewhere above 640.
  You're not trying to lower or consolidate a student loan.

*Rates effective 5/1/21. Click View More Rates for additional terms and conditions. Personal Loan refinances are not applicable with promotional rates. Personal Loan rates range from a minimum of 5.99% to a maximum of 13.75% APR with terms ranging from 1 month minimum to 60 months maximum. Advertised rate based on credit qualifications. Rates will generally be higher for longer-term loans. No application or pre-payment fees apply. For example: 36 monthly payments of $30.42 per $1,000 borrowed at 5.99% will have a total cost of $1,095.03.