5 Tips for Protecting Your Information and Money


Be Alert

Many phone and email scams try to get you to share personal information. If you did not initiate the call or the email is from an unknown source or seems suspicious do not provide any information.


Safeguard Your Information

Never share account information or passwords. Be sure to log out after each use. Create strong passwords and change them periodically.


Monitor Your Accounts

Review your bank and credit card statements regularly and request and review your free credit report annually. Set up alerts to notify you of irregular activity.


Protect Your Electronic Device

Make sure your computer, tablet and phone have up-to-date software and antivirus and malware protection.


Take Action

If you notice any suspicious activity, notify us and any other applicable parties as soon as possible.

Identity Theft Guide

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Download our free guide, “The Basics of Identity Theft”, to learn more about identity theft and discover ways to protect your personal and account information.

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