Enhance your business benefits package

Corporate Partner Program

Give your staff – and your business – the financial resources needed to find and build money confidence.

All the resources, none of the cost

MHV’s Corporate Partner program delivers the education and resources your employees need… 
with no cost and no obligation.  

  • No Cost Employee Benefit Program

    No Cost Employee Benefit Program

    Over 800 employers in our community have already added our program as part of their employee benefits package.
  • Onsite Financial Wellness Seminars

    Onsite Financial Wellness Seminars

    Complimentary on-site financial wellness seminars presented by an MHV representative exclusively for your staff.
  • Onsite Service Days

    Onsite Service Days

    We’ll come on site to your business with special offers and educational information, and create a fun morale boosting event.
  • Financial Wellness Tips and Webinars

    Financial Wellness Tips and Webinars

    We offer financial education through seminars, events and workshops focused on various topics. These free programs can help your employees find the answers they need to make good financial decisions.
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  • Exclusive Checking Account Package

    Exclusive Checking Account Package

    Our Partner Checking Account is designed exclusively for your employees and includes special perks & access to complimentary financial counselors.
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7 out of 10 American workers say financial stress is their most common cause of stress*

All the money things you wished you learned in school

You and your employees can level up your money confidence. Free, on-demand financial education and on-site seminars cover topics from basic banking to buying a home.

Set staff up with on-demand financial education

Schedule in-person, on-site workshops tailored to the needs of your workforce

Man at computer

Totally free checking – and then some

Your staff deserves to bank without worrying about how to get fees waived.

  • No Minimum Balance

    No Minimum Balance

    No minimum balance or service fees on our Partner Checking Accoun
  • Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit

    Direct deposit reduces the risk of ID theft and mail fraud. Funds go directly into your account, so it’s easy to access your pay right away.
  • Waived Overdraft Transfer Fee

    Waived Overdraft Transfer Fee

    Set up overdraft transfers from your Savings or Overdraft Line of Credit to cover your purchases in the event you don’t have enough money in your checking account.
  • Free First Order of Checks

    Free First Order of Checks

    Get your first order of MHV custom checks (valued up to $25) free.
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Nearly 1 in 4 employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work*

Your staff – and your business – deserve a strong financial future

Over 850 Hudson Valley businesses have relied on MHV’s Corporate Partner program to give their employees
financial confidence. This form puts you in touch with the MHV Community Impact Team.

It’s time to get started.


"Everyone has been very helpful"

  • The convenience of the ATM/Personal Tellers & the service is always great.
    Candice B.
  • Any time I have gone to the credit union, everyone has been very helpful - from the tellers in the drive up to the staff inside.
    Linda B.

*American Psychology Association, Stress in America: Are Teens Adopting Adults’ Stress Habits? (2014), available at http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/stress/2013/stress-report.pdf; PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, Employee Financial Wellness Survey 10 (2014), available at http://www.pwc.com/en_US/us/private-company-services/publications/assets/pwc-employee-financial-wellness-survey-2014-results.pdf.