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Articles to Help You On Your Financial Journey

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Saving and Budgeting

What’s the Best Way to Save Money?

Want to feel like you’re making smart money moves? Picking a savings tool that matches your savings goal will definitely help.
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    Saving and Budgeting

    How Can I Start Saving Money Right Now?

    You’ve done it. You’ve decided to buckle down and start saving money. You know your future self will thank you, but today you’re just wondering how you’re going to start.
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    Credit, Loans and Debt

    Understanding Personal Lines of Credit

    What if you could get a loan that lets you access money only as you need it, instead of receiving (and paying for) a lump sum? That is exactly what a Personal Line of Credit offers you.
  • Test Drive a Car

    Tips for Test Driving a Car in the Hudson Valley

    A lot of car shoppers worry about negotiating with the dealerships. But before you can even think about that, you have to master your test drive.
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    Top Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

    Before you even start hunting for your dream house, there are important questions you need to get the answers to. What are the tax implications of buying a home? What if I don’t have a down payment? Can I actually afford to own a home?
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    Credit, Loans and Debt

    What do Deferments and Forbearances Mean?

    Navigating financial hardships is intimidating enough, and trying to understand the various options and terminology only makes asking for help feel scarier. But help for both consumer loans – things like car loans, personal loans, and credit cards – and mortgages is available and lenders are always willing to work with you.
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    Credit, Loans and Debt

    What is a Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)?

    Chances are, you know that your credit score is going to be a critical factor in how lenders will decide whether or not to give you a loan. But, your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is a number you need to be familiar with, too, especially if you plan on applying for any type of loan or mortgage.
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    Are Mortgage Refinances or Home Equity Loans Better?

    One of the biggest advantages to owning your home is the ability to tap into the equity you build, or the amount of your house that you’ve paid off. When you need to access that equity as cash, though, you’re faced with a couple of options.
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    Top 4 Things to Consider Before Refinancing Your Car

    Refinancing an existing car loan is one way to save some money and lower your debt. We’ve rounded up the top four things to consider before talking to your bank or credit union about a refi.
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    Should We Have a Joint Checking Account?

    Ah, the intertwining of finances! Of all the complexities of a relationship, this is perhaps the most delicate. Should you and your spouse or partner combine accounts into a joint checking account? Or should you keep them separate? To answer that, let’s look at the top three pros and cons of establishing a joint account.